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Joslyn James At MyFirstSexTeacher NaughtyAmerica

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This new set is brought to you by MyFirstSexTeacher, which feeds our obsession with cock craving horny female teachers. MyFirstSexteacher is part of NaughtyAmerica, and the funny thing is that NaughtyAmerica also has scenes of  ANOTHER Tiger mistress; Holly Sampson! What are the chances, two of his mistresses on the same porn site! So think of it as a special, join for the price of one and jack off to two both of Tiger’s mistresses. Holly Sampson actually admitted on video footage taped by NaughtyAmerica saying that she had an affair with him and that was way before the media even got a whiff of the story!

I bet this sexy teacher could teach us a few lessons or two – in sex-ed!

Pics are courtesy of MyFirstSexTeacher

Miss Joslyn James has an incredible set of knockers. I bet Tiger (and lots of other men) had a great jolly time playing with them – Watch her hardcore movie here!

The sexy alleged mistress of Mr Woods spreads her pussy wide open for you.  It’s not just for celebs and wealthy athletes, Join MyFirstSexTeacher and you can get jack off to this prime pussy too!

Ready to see hot teacher Joslyn James fuck in class? Oh yea, she does fuck, these pics are just the softcore teaser shots but the good part is when she gets fucked in class and spreads her pussy wide. Her fuck skills are amazing, I can definitely see why she was in such demand – Join MyFirstSexTeacher and watch the video of Tiger’s mistress getting fucked hard in class!

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April 4th, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Joslyn James At MilfSoup

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Before Joslyn James was a household name across the world, she shot a scene for MilfSoup, which is one of the Bangbros websites (one of the biggest and most known porn sites online). MilfSoup is a very funny and creative website! They always have funny skits of hot milfs fucking younger studs etc and their movie trailers are actually really funny!  In this scene Joslyn is working as a model at a photo shoot and one of her minions screws up by being late and fucking up the shoot, but in the end he somehow ends up getting to bone this fine piece of ass!

Joslyn gets her tight asshole fingered while her pussy gets munched on.

Joslyn James feigns fake modesty. We all know she has seen tons  of cocks before

Pics courtesy of MilfSoup

Sexy Joslyn James deepthroating cock

The slutty babe gets her sweet pussy slammed hard doggystyle

Watch the complete HD movie at MilfSoup

Ready to see Tiger’s mistress in action? Join MilfSoup and watch Tiger’s hot escort mistress getting her sweet pussy torn up! MilfSoup is part of the Bangbros franchise, the biggest, most well-known and famous porn site in the world! These dudes are legends! They update their site like 3x a day with brand new shit!  Join now and download this complete movie today!

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March 8th, 2010 at 1:37 am

Joslyn James Anal Scene at MilfLessons – Bangbros

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Ever had a crush on your sexy teacher? Well, there is no sexier teacher I can think of besides Joslyn James! This sexy hottie will make you sit up and take notice in the classroom any day. This scene is brought to you by MilfLessons, part of the world famous BangBros network of sites.  The hot thing about this scene is that there is anal involved! We know all you pervs love to watch women getting fucked in the pooper and this scene delivers! haha! None other than sexy Joslyn James getting her tight asshole split wide open here! (Just like Tiger allegedly used to do!)

Sexy Joslyn James in hot anal sex getting her tight juicy asshole fucked hard! This is amazing! Download the full set here!

Joslyn bounces her sexy body up and down a thick rod

Getting her sweet pussy slammed hard from behind

Watch the HD movie of Joslyn James in anal sex at MilfLessons

There’s nothing hotter than a woman who loves it up her ass and apparently Joslyn James loves it up there! From the sex texts I have read Tiger supposedly shoved it up her ass quite a few times. Now you can watch Joslyn’s amazing anal scene at MilfLessons at Bangbros – Joslyn also shot a scene for Bangbros’ other milf site called MilfSoup! If you join MilfLessons you get access to the entire Bangbros members area and get to watch BOTH scenes!

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March 7th, 2010 at 1:26 am

Joslyn James At MilfsInHeat

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Prior to becoming a household name across America, Joslyn James was an adult actress who appeared in scenes for some of the biggest internet porn sites in the industry! She was uninhibited, wild, and always enjoyed her time on set. One of her hottest scenes was for MilfsInHeat, a hardcore site featuring some of the sexiest milfs in explicit and hardcore action. This is one sensational Joslyn scene that you definitely do not want to miss out on!

The scene starts out with Joslyn having lunch outside with a horny stud. Joslyn loves to tease her men, even when out in public, sometimes even giving her date a quick glimpse of her sweet pussy.  Pics courtesy of MilfsInHeatBack at the house Joslyn bounces on her date’s big cock like a true professional. She absolutely knows how fast to fuck, how hard to fuck, has excellent rhythm. She is a seasoned professional – Download the full movie at MilfsInHeat

The sexy Tiger Mistress gets her sweet pussy licked until she explodes in orgasm – full set here

Joslyn James shows us why she’s a pro – she takes it in the face like a true champion!

Enjoyed these pics of sexy Joslyn James? Join MilfsInHeat and watch the entire video of this explicit and hardcore scene! Watch Tiger’s alleged mistress ride cock like a pro and take a big cum load all over her face! You do not want to miss out one of the hottest Joslyn scenes ever!

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March 5th, 2010 at 1:12 am

Video Of Joslyn James Dancing At AEE2008

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Here is a sexy video of Joslyn James dancing and shaking her fine ass at theFyre TV booth at AVN 2008 in Las Vegas. I’m not sure if she is the greatest dancer or not but she sure doesn’t seem very shy and appears to be very confident and sure of herself. Both of these qualities translate into a firecracker in the bedroom! Tiger doesn’t seem to like wallflowers very much. He has a penchant for the “Bad Girls”. The club girls, the pornstars and the escorts.

Do you think she is a good dancer or not? Discuss.

Ready to see some hardcore videos of Miss Joslyn James? Check out the hardcore trailer for her scene at MilfSoup!

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January 2nd, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Joslyn James Sex Texts

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I’ve made a page listing the dirty and graphic sex texts between Joslyn James and Tiger Woods. Warning, these texts are quite graphic so read them at your own risk! These messages offer us a closer glimpse of the passionate sexual relations between these two.  It includes exchanges such as Tiger asking James if she’s ever had a “golden shower”. Fascinating. Really.

Read the Joslyn James/Tiger Woods sex texts here

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January 2nd, 2010 at 12:45 am

Hello World

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Welcome to my blog dedicated to famous adult actress and infamous Tiger Wood’s alleged mistress Joslyn James.  I will be updating with pictures, galleries, movies and the latest gossip and Joslyn James news so I hope you stay tuned. Enjoy your stay!

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January 1st, 2010 at 12:42 am

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